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Flora, Fauna and Rivers

During the Cotopaxi Tour you may see several volcanic remains that are still there after the last eruption in 1886. There are volcanic rocks, giant rocks, river beds of dry lava and ashes which remain almost untouched.

Vegetation in Cotopaxi is quite varied, you may see pine trees, paramo (moor) vegetation, native trees such as “polilepis” and “capuli”, and native species such as “chuquiragua, pumamaqui, mortiño, romerillo, quinoa, chochos (lupino beans)”, and many others.

Due to the melting of ice from Cotopaxi you will find rivers, lagoons and waterfalls such as the Salitre Lagoon, the Limpiopungo Lagoon and the Pita River.

Mammals you can see in the Cotopaxi area are deer, paramo (moor) wolf, cervicabra (deer-goat), puma (Andes wildcat), white tail deer, rabbits, skunks, alpacas, wild horses, congo negro (black congo), bears, and many others.

Birds living in Cotopaxi are the Andean Condor, gigles, gavilan de espalda roja (redback hawk), curiquingue (caracara), horned owl, torcaza (wood pigeon), gaviota andina (Andean gull), chucuri, perdiz de paramo (moor partridge), owl, gallareta (bald coot), pato punteado (spotted duck), compadre gaspar and quilico.