ministerio de turismo ecuador

Hacienda Santa Ana will treat you to something different than what you get in other hotels, haciendas and restaurants in Cotopaxi. We combine the environment of the Convent with soft music and typical Ecuadorean food. We offer complete menus which include soup or appetizer, main course, dessert, soft drink and coffee or tea.

We have a variety of dishes such as:

Empanada de morocho (white corn pie with meat filling)
Empanadas de verde (plantain pie with cheese filling)
Humitas (corn tamale)
Tortillas de maiz (corn tortilla) with guacamole
Corn, lima beans and white cheese

Locro de papas (typical Ecuadorean potato soup)
Sancocho (typical soup with beef, corn and cassava)
Aji de carne (spicy beef and potato soup)
Quinoa soup
Chicken and vegetable consome

Baked Pork
Santa Ana Steak with 3 cheeses
Spicy Garlic Chicken
Trout in Herb Sauce
Tilapia from the Convent

Figs and Cheese
Three milk Cake
Baked Apples
Strawberries and Cream Meringue
Babaco (typical fruit compote)
Tomate de Arbol (tamarilo compote)