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Cotopaxi biking


This adventure tour starts at the Cotopaxi Volcano parking lot at 4 600 m / 15 091 ft and continues with an incredible descent through sandy roads heading towards the northwestern region of the volcano. You will see the beautiful view of the Limpios Pampa and its surrounding volcanoes: Sincholagua, Rumiñahui and Pasochoa, home of the majestic condor of the Andes.

Technical data
Distance 15.53 miles / 25 km (Cotopaxi parking lot to Hacienda Santa Ana)
Estimated Time of Route  5 hours
Physical Level (x) low ( ) low-average ( ) average ( ) average-high ( ) high
Technical Level (x) low ( ) low –  average ( ) average ( ) average – high ( ) high
Maximum Elevation  15 091 ft / 4 600 m
Minimum Elevation  9 842 ft / 3 000 m
Departure – Cotopaxi Volcano parking lot
Uphill 10% of route
Downhill 90% of route
Terrain: packed mud, packed mud with loose rocks, and cobblestone

Main attractions
Cotopaxi Volcano
Panoramic View of Rumiñahui, Sincholagua, Pasochoa and Ilalo Mountains
Panoramic View of Quito and its valleys
Limpiopungo Lagoon
The Manantial Spring
Cotopaxi volcanic formations plateau
Characteristic flora and fauna of the Cotopaxi Paramo (moor) and Andean Forest

What to bring
Comfortable, warm clothes
Waterproof jacket
Sunglasses and sun screen
Change of clothes and extra pair of shoes
1 bottle or camelback to refill water